Daniel Radcliffe as Allen Ginsberg in Kill Your Darlings
"It’s a love story. I always like to make that point. To my knowledge, there’s no difference between how gay people and how straight people fall in love. So you just have to find that part of Dane, or of Dane’s character, that Allen was in love with. Which is that charismatic, outgoing boldness that he had that Allen didn’t have. And you kind of focus in on that and make that the part of the character that you always see. Basically, when people talk about chemistry, often what they mean is just being interested in the other person."


Musical Challenge(2/2) Quotes

Five, Six, Seven, Eight! // A Chorus Line


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Nashville 3x02 “How Far Down Can I Go” Promotional Photos [x]

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Stark Sands - Hey Ya


Why oh why oh why oh 

are we so in denial 

when we know we aren’t happy here?

Musical Theatre Female Character Meme (Day 4)

→ a female ship/romantic relationship in a musical: celie and shug in the color purple

random word: persuade first thought: pippin



Patti LuPone seems like the kind of person that narrates her day in her head like she’s in a noir film

*soft yet intense jazz plays in the distance*

I walked into my kitchen and saw the empty wine bottle from the night before.

It made me reflect on my career. 

So many doors unopened.

I had an english muffin. I remembered the english muffin that fired me.

I cried. Not for me, but for my craft.